Providing excellent sourcing solutions while exceeding expectations since 1999.


Belmar finds opportunities and workforces in the warehousing and logistics markets. Providing creative, cost-effective supply chain solutions that continually meet and exceed our customers’ expectations is our mission. We are committed to our relationship with both our customers and our employees.

We strive to inspire our customers, partners and vendors to be the valued members of our team that we are to theirs and to serve them and the communities within which we work with integrity and responsibility. We strive to provide not just a job, but a career path to our employees.

Belmar believes in old fashion business ethics where a handshake means something. We believe in treating people fairly and with respect. We do what we say we are going to do and charge a fair price. We believe in these values and will continue to adhere to them in our daily business practices. That is how we have grown from 25 employees in 1999 to hiring thousands of employees today.

The Belmar Advantage: Sourcing, Not Staffing

Sourcing is the proactive search for qualified job candidates for current or planned job openings. It is not the reactive screening of applications to provide warm bodies to fill an open requests. Utilizing our sourcing services will save you thousands on Human Resource and Payroll related costs:

Utilizing our sourcing services will save you thousands on Human Resource and Payroll related costs:

We SOURCE the qualified candidate, do the background check and drug screening –saving you recruiting dollars


 We TRAIN the candidate – saving you training dollars


We focus on SAFETY with OSHA 29CFR 1910.178 certificates and safety programs – saving you workman’s compensation costs


We EMPLOY the candidate – saving you unemployment costs if there is turnover


We give you the opportunity to EVALUATE the candidate – saving you time and money on bad hires


We provide ACA, Workers Compensation, General Liability and Property Insurance coverage – minimizing your risk

We are dedicated to growing the business of our customers and ourselves, always creating a win/win scenario.